Our packages provide a great way to prepare you for the First Dance on the most important day of your life! No previous dancing experience is required for our packages, although if you still have plenty of time remaining before your big day, we suggest first signing up for a group Beginners class, as this will provide the rudiments for all the main Ballroom & Latin American dances. With this past experience under your belt, you will find it much easier to choose the right song and dance for your wedding.

All of our packages include full individual choreography and you are of course encouraged to choose your own song. However, we will also provide professional advice on suitable music.

Dancing lessons can take place in the comfort of your own home, or at a dance studio and can be purchased singularly or as a package.

Bookings for our packages can made below, and upon payment you will be provided with a form which will give us all the details we need to begin to choreograph your dance and finalise the lesson dates and times.

Availability: We tend to have availability throughout weekdays during the day, and at certain times during weekday evenings and at the weekend.

If you require more information before making a payment, please do not hesitate to contact us by email natalia@stalbansschoolofdance.co.uk or telephone 07800 920882.

Whether we have to hire a hall for your tuition or have to travel to your home (within a reasonable distance) this is included in the package price.

Please note, there may be a £10 per hour surcharge if lessons can only be taken at the weekend.

Gold Package — £250

4.5 hours of private tuition — Normally three 90 minute lessons

This is a superior package which will help you to perfect your routine and all its fine details. Highly recommended and represents the best value.

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Silver Package — £150

2.5 hours of private tuition — Normally one 60 minute session and a 90 minute lesson.

Provides a good basic understanding with some additional figures to give your dance a very special and individual touch.

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Bronze Package — £65

1 hour of private tuition

If you are in a hurry, or just want a very simple routine, this one hour lesson will enable you both to feel a little more comfortable on the dance floor.

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